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Generate Reports - being able to edit fields



I am looking at ways and possibilities to better tailor-tweak the generated reports. My concern lies in the fact that when generating, for example, Summary -> Plan reports one field that I really do not want to expose is “Tested by”/“Marked by” and then the tester’s name showing up. This when wanting to send generated reports to customer’s. Together with this it would be nice if one could replace that field with Defects instead. In another words have more control when it comes to fields being exposed for Activity and in general.



I have no way of testing a my work does not use Tet Plans but it looks like when you create the report, the last tab is Tests. This tab allows you to filter the report but also to determine the fields shown:

The 2 standard columns included are ID and Title. Using the Add Column button I added the Defects column.

What I don’t know is, if the “Tested/Marked By” is a column that is automatically added by the process. I wish I could test it as that would give me the answer but I hope it is enough to get you down the right path (if you have not been down that path yet)…


Thanks for your reply! The area where this shows up is under the “Activity” tab and therefore seems to be included by default. This is the part where I would like to be able to edit, change and/or remove fields.


I was afraid if that, the only place where fields can be edited is in that Test tab. Not sure what else is included in the Activity section - maybe if you went to the first tab and uncheck Activity? Would that give you enough info?




I am also using plan summary report which gives almost everything I want in the report. I am adding “defects” and “version” fields under Test tab, but is there some way to add this as permanent settings so that you would not need to add this every time when generating new report. I haven’t found this under customization so I afraid this requires to add custom report with GitHub which is not so trivial task to do. Would it been possible to add feature to remember added fields. Testrail is a great tool what I have seen so far, but reporting section is one potential area to develop to bit further. to make it a bit more flexible for small tailoring.



Do you run the report for the project on a schedule? Or can it be run on a schedule? If run on a schedule then the additions should be used every time. The report section does need some work…