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Generate Report for test cases with status Fail?


Hi Guys!

I am new to this tool. I am still studying the reports module but couldn’t create one that generates list of test cases that have been executed with status Fail and the related defects? Thanks in advance!



Thanks for your post! You can accomplish this with the Property Distribution (Results) report. In the report options, you can group this report by any field you prefer (likely by status or by priority). Under the Tests tab of the report options you can set a test filter e.g. for Status = Failed, and also add the Defects column to show the defects that were created/linked for each test as well. This would give you the report you requested. Hope this helps!



I am not seeing “status”. This is my problem. I’ve checked most reports and tinker on the options. Still can’t find “status”. Please help. Thanks in advance!


In the Property Distribution Report you can filter by status from the Tests tab:


Thanks for the prompt response. I am not seeing Tests tab either. Looks like this is my main problem. How can I add the tests tab?


Might be permissions somewhere or an older version of Test Rail if you are on a self hosted TR install?


Hmmm, not sure about self install. I access TR via browser only.

Note my version is TestRail v5.3.0.3603

Hope an admin can help further.

Thanks! @BGanger


Hi Draco,

Thanks for your reply! As @BGanger mentioned (thanks for helping!), you would be able to use the tests tab to set a status filter on your report. Looking at the screenshot you provided, it appears you chose the Property Distribution for Cases report, which wouldn’t have the Tests tab. You would need to be sure to use the Property Distribution for Results report under the Results section to configure this. Help this helps!



This is resolved. Thanks all for the help! :slight_smile:


Hi Draco,

Thanks for the feedback, and glad to be of help!