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Generate report about test case coverage by value in folder structure

Hi there. I would like to get coverage by test case folder by some some custom field of test case.
We have structure with folder like below

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Do we have possibility to generate report with coverage for folders by custom field (Type = Automated)



Hi Andriy,

Thanks for the post! It’s tough to give specific recommendations without knowing specifically what information you’re wanting to get out of the report, but based on your criteria you may want to check out the Property Distribution report for cases or results. This allows you to define the grouping of the test cases by options like section, type, and more, then also set it to only include test cases in certain runs or sections (folders). You can use the filters in the tests/test cases tab to further specify exactly what tests to include, and the filtering there does support custom fields.

Let me know if that works!

Hi Jacob,

Thank you for your reply. I don`t understand where I can find this setting “then also set it to only include test cases in certain runs or sections (folders)”.

Could you please make a screenshot from TestRail with ''only include test case".



By the way, I need to create report for section not for run.

Hey Andriy,

When setting up a property distribution report for cases, in the first tab you’ll want to select how the test cases will be grouped, and you’ll see a small selection of options in the dropdown there. There will be a second option for Sections, where you can select what folders or sections you want to include. Make sure to select “The following sections only” when filtering by section.

Then if you want to further filter the test cases to specific field values, in the Test Cases tab you can click the “change” link in the filters area to further drill down your test cases by options like test type:

Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes.