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Generate email when a case i failed


Hey guys

Is there a way I can get a mail sent to a specific recipient when a tester “failes” a case? without using the defect plugin called “email”?

My testers most of the times forget to click “Push” by the defect field after creating a failed case.


You want Test Rail to create the email to the tester? If so - have you looked at the “Enable email notifications” in Test Rail (Administration --> Site Settings --> Email.

_Enable email notifications _
Email notifications are sent for test changes and test results. Can also be disabled on a per-user basis via My Settings.

I don’t use the option since I run the tests for my company myself but this is what I would look at if you want en email from Test Rail.


I want an email be sent to another recipient than the tester, and also only when you fail a test, by enabeling email notification I would get to much notifications on stuff I dont need to know.


The email notification is the only option right now I believe. Not sure if I have ever seen a request for this functionality since my company started to use Test Rail.

I would suggest sending in this request as an enhancement to Test Rail. They would not commit to a time frame but at least they would know there is some interest in it.


Yeah I’l do that, thanks for the info.