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Generate API Key from My Settings is not retaining the API Key


From My Settings -> API Keys Tab

When we click on Add Key and Generate the API Key, the "Save Settings " button image
is not enabled after the API key is generated. This makes it not possible to retain the generated API Key. i.e. if we then go to Dashboard and come back to My Settings-> API Keys Tab, the generated API Key is not seen anymore.

The only Workaround is to make some other settings changes after generating the API (say theme for example) which enables the “Save Settings” button.

Seeing this issue happen on TestRail v6.6.0.1156 Browser: Chrome 86.0.4240.198

I’m having same issue - TestRail v6.6.0.1156 on chrome browser

I’m having the same issue. Another workaround is to press Ctrl+s (or Cmd+s on Mac) which saves the settings.

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