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General Feedback/Questions



My testers have raised the following questions/feedback.

I think the answer to most of them is no, but please correct me if I’m wrong and consider these things for future releases.

  1. When creating a test case, can the test step box size be configurable? Maybe make it bigger or make is an expandable box.

  2. When creating a test case, ds there a keyboard step for adding a new step?

  3. Can a Save and Cancel button be added to the top as well as the bottom of the add test case screen?

  4. Is it possible to export a single test case or a group of test cases from within a Suite or Run?

  5. When creating a Test Case, can we copy single/multiple test steps/expected results, rather than just the contents of one individual field?

  6. When adding a Suite to a Plan/Run, the default option is to include all Test Cases in the Suite. This doesn’t work for us and we’ll always select the ones we want. Is there a way to prevent the default option from including everything, or at least making it clearer that all have been included?

  7. Can the permissions be changed to allow individuals to delete just the things they have created?



Hello Bryan,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, the answer to most of them is no unfortunately but some of them were already on our list of todo/feature requests and were requested before. Please see below for my answers:

  1. Yes, this is configurable. Just edit the custom field in the administration area (Administration > Custom Fields > edit the field) and then open the Project & Options dialog). You should see a Rows option which configures the height of the field.

  2. It is planned to add general keyboard support to TestRail but currently TestRail only supports the keyboard features that the browser provides (e.g. pressing Enter in a form field or using Tab to switch between input fields).

3-7. Unfortunately, the answers to these points is no but I’ve added them to our feature request list (if not already there). Thanks for the suggestions and ideas, we will make sure to look into them for one of the versions after the next one (TestRail 3.0, available soon).