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Further OnTime Integration


The new OnTime Defect Plugin is great, but I was wondering about a few things. We are just getting started with this, but I would like to get it setup correctly the first time.

  1. Is it difficult to enhance the OnTime Defect plugin to set the reported by field? I looked at the .php file, but it wasn’t obvious (we’re not a PHP shop, but can probably get by with some help)

  2. Is there any way to use the OnTime SDK for the reference URL also? Basically we have a Feature in OnTime that is related to a Test Case via the References link and I would like to be able to do 2 things.
    a) Use the OnTime SDK to search for the item and have it set the id(s) automatically.
    b) When creating a Defect for that test case via the OnTime Defect plugin, set the related item in OnTime to the Feature referenced in the test case.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Also, with the release of OnTime v11, the URL format has changed if you want to display the new version 11 pages. The format for viewing is:
http://your-server/OnTime/viewitem.aspx?id=%id%&type=defects (or features, tasks, etc.)

and for adding:
http://your-server/OnTime/edititem.aspx?type=features (or defects, tasks, etc)



Hi Mike,

Thanks for your posting. Great to hear that you found the OnTime integration useful. Let me address your questions below:

  1. Reported By: I just checked the OnTime SDK documentation and it appears that a ReportedById field exist and it should be possible to use this field in a customized defect plugin. We actually have documentation about defect plugins on our website, including a sample on how to add user mapping to a defect plugin (at the end of the second article):

The example is for the Jira plugin, but it would work similar for the OnTime plugin. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this.

  1. References: it’s not currently possible to use the defect plugin for the References field, but it’s something that we will consider supporting in the future. I agree that it would be useful to support such plugin scripts for the References field, but we don’t have concrete plans to add this for one of the next releases.

Also thanks for providing the updated defect URLs, I’ve updated our documentation accordingly.