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Functional vs Regression


Hello, TestRAil crew
Not very related question to TestRail config or functionality of TestRail as test management tool but I’m wondering based on what criteria you would define ‘type’ for test case? My concern is functional or regression? Because any regression could be functional or vs?



For me… Functional just covers some sort of functionality - adding items to a cart on a retail web page.

Regression - a work flow with a start, middle, and then end result. So regression would be testing searching for items, adding items to a cart, allowing a user to log in or continue as a guest, then take in payment/billing details, and then processing the payment. Multiple Functional tests can be used for Regression. Regression tests are tests that really have to be done of every deployment - it is the base functionality of the system.



Currently working on test cases from scratch, creating for each and every functionality and all of them are regression for every sprint. How can I organize them by two type; regression and functional? Is it possible?