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Full rich-text editor support


I have read somewhere on the forum about future support for a full rich-text editor eventually, is there a timeline you could provide? We’ve been struggling with entering any type of tables into test cases fields. Seems like the markdown version used by testrail does not support it either.



Hi Matt,

Thanks for your posting. We still want to look into this but I don’t have a time frame for this at the moment unfortunately. You mentioned you want to enter tables: if you want to manage your test steps in a more structured way we also have special custom field types for this:

It’s also possible to use Markdown’s code formatting to format texts in a more structured way and we want to improve TestRail’s rich-text formatting in the future.



I would like to add our team’s support for tables in the text editor.

There are many reasons why this would be a huge benefit; there are a lot of cases in which we would like to include a simple table (example: in the Description field), but it is cumbersome to do this with the current editor. Our workaround is to use a picture or an attached file, but it would be much nicer to use a HTML table or something equivalent.

Bullet lists are ok, but tables are much much better! :lol:



Thanks for the feedback. Yep, I agree that this would be useful to have and we will be looking into this together with other similar improvements for a future update.



Another up-vote for having a basic editor at the top of the edit boxen. Similar in kind to the one here, in fact. (I could write a GM script to do this for me, but argh, it’d take forever.)



Thanks for the feedback! Yes, we are still considering this for an update and we want to improve the rich-text formatting capabilities of TestRail.



Any update for the rich-text formatting capabilities of TestRail?




Hello Alston,

We still plan to add more options to the text fields to make it easier to use and discover our built-in formatting options. You can learn more about the formatting options here:

The Markdown format usually works much better than rich-text editors and we found that rich-text editors even in popular products with a lot of resources (such as Confluence) don’t work very well (e.g. I could point out various issues with how they handle lists, copy&paste etc. which is really frustrating as a user and it’s very very difficult to get this right with a rich-text editor). We have plans to extend the formatting options in TestRail though.



What would be the estimated date for this features to ship? I’m really looking forward to a better way of structuring tables. Will this be considered, too?

Best Regards,


Hello Julian,

Thanks for your reply. We usually recommend using the separated steps control for tabular/structured data:

This also has the advantage that you can assign a separate status (and actual result) per step.

It’s also planned to add generic table support via the rich-text format but we currently don’t have an estimate for this unfortunately. Would the separated steps control be an option for you as well?



+1 For adding tabular test results.

As an example would like to record data such as nominal, low margin, and high margin voltage levels, along with percent output error, for variable voltage limits. This is most easily captured in a chart with multiple rows and columns. I don’t see how this can be accomplished with the existing steps/expected results widget.


Added to the list, thanks for your feedback on this, Phil!



Any new updates on this , as per support for full rich-text editor (WYSIWYG)


Hi Rex,

Thanks for your posting! We currently don’t have an update on this and I must say that most users are really happy with the Markdown formatting options. Markdown text is easy to write and TestRail helps with the more complex parts (embedding images or tables), especially with the new screenshot uploading and tables formatting:



Just saw that this forum replies even support Full rich-text editor. This is an example of what is needed on the application itself. Even with the embed picture and add table, it doesnt help me as its quite inefficient.
I would like to add an elaborate test plan description and not having the full rich-text editor make it not worthwhile


Hi Rex,

Markdown text is really easy to write and very intuitive but I understand that a WYSIWYG approach or combination of Markdown + preview (like in this forum) has some advantages as well.

I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request and thanks again for your feedback!



Is there any way to help copy pasting tables into the testRail test case actual results? What we do right now is that we copy contents of the table from Toad / PLSQL developer , then we paste them into excel which adds pipes thanks to formulas and they we can copy paste again into TestRail.
But this is really inconvenient. (we have 5.0.2 test rail at the moment, so maybe this was improved in later versions?).

Also we need some highlighting options inside the tables , so we can actually highlight some cells.


Hi Pawel,

There’s one workaround that should work better. If your expected result also has a table, you can open the case in edit mode and then simply copy & paste from the form to the Add Result dialog (to the actual result field) and then change the values as needed. The table cells currently support two formatting options (links and code blocks via `code`).

I hope this helps!



Manually adding pipes is really inconvenient. Is there a chance to some usability improvement here in the future ?


Hi Pawel,

Can you use the table editor/formatter to help with formatting the table? You would then only need to fill in the cell values.