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Frustration with TestRail support: Lack of info about future releases


It is very frustrating that Gurock does not share ANY information at all about coming releases. It’s not that we will hold you accountable for it. But you could do a much better job informing your customers of what is coming next.
You could just say, we are working on improving an specific area, like “reports”, or “milestones” for instance.

  1. When we became a TestRail customer 1.5 year ago I did the evaluation when the JIRA integration was being implemented. Back then, you guys seemed very open to listen and improve the feature. I even got a beta release to test. Now my impression is that our feature requests are completely ignored and no action will ever happen.
    By browsing on the TestRail forum, we see so many requests where people keep voting with some hope that features/bugs will be fixed someday.
    You can see threads that are there for years, and no action.

We have no idea of what is coming next. Our users are very demanding and are starting to get concerned that we are stuck with a tool (TestRail) that is not going to evolve to meet customers needs.



Hello Márcio,

Thanks for the feedback! Similar to many software companies we just prefer to under promise and over deliver on releases and features, as we are always working on many things in parallel and it would be difficult to share in advance when we plan to release which specific feature. With TestRail we have been building and delivering many large feature updates regularly without any extra charges or paid add-ons or similar, so you always benefit from the best possible version. We release and announce new updates as soon as they are ready via our blog, newsletter and in-app announcements.

I hope this helps!



I Understand you concern of under promising or over committing. But that would still be a better scenario then leaving your customers completely in the dark.

I meet with test managers often and their main question is, when is TestRail delivering the bug fixes and feature requests? What is the the TestRail roadmap for the next year. I can’t answer any of that.

Without any information about TestRail’s future, it becomes difficult to advocate for more projects to adopt TestRail, people are always looking ahead.