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From Jira Ticket to Test tun

Dear community members,
I am new to TestRail and am currently evaluating it for my Team. I would like to know if it is possible to directly navigate to Test run from the Jira ticket. Here is a detailed explnation of the Scenario:

I have a Jira tkt and have a Test case written which is linked to the Jira tkt. If I click on the test case in the right side (refer screenshot: area marked in red), clicking on it takes me to the test cases section in TestRail where I can see the description of the test, but cannot execute it. I have to navigate to the ‘Test Results and Run’ section and have to know the exact Navigation where the test case is present, i.e under which test plan and under which test run.
I want to avoid this hassle. My question is: Is there a way that on clicking on the test case in Jira (refer screenshot), I am directly forwarded to the test run

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ank,

Thanks for the post and detailed explanation. Currently, the link in the ‘TestRail Cases’ area would always open the test case inside the project, as a test case can be contained in multiple open test runs at the same time.

However, instead of navigating to the list of test runs and searching for the related tests, you can view a list of all open tests for the case by clicking on the ‘Tests & Results’ tab within TestRail. This will show all tests based on this case so you can quickly navigate to the desired test as needed.

I hope this is helpful,