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Friday - SmartInspect 2.0 Release?


Hi !

So now it´s friday. Do you release the new Smartinspect 2.0 today ?

Greetz Dominik


Hehe, hello Dominik. Yes, it looks good. I did the final build yesterday and tagged the release :). As is looks now, SmartInspect 2.0 will ship later today. Before releasing we need to do a few more things like adding new serial numbers to the My Gurock portal for customers who purchased in October or later and such things. So it’s still a few hours. You will be informed via email when it’s out.


I uploaded a screenshot of the SmartInspect Console which shows the new GUI style and some of the new features (like the Watches Graph on the right):


Hi Tobias !

The screen looks really great. Will do some tests as soon as I got an emial :slight_smile:

btw … It´s possible that be meet us unintentional in paderporn. I work for Fujitsu Siemens. Where are you located?

Greetz Dominik


Hi Dominik,

I’m sure that we can arrange something. Could you write us an email?