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[FR] Return to top level in Test Plan after case completion



Feature request (if it hasn’t been requested before). When running a test case in a suite that’s inside a Test Plan, once completed (pass/fail/whatever) I’d like to be brought back to the top level of the test run of the plan I am currently executing. Meaning I am in a section of Test Plan - Settings and completed a test case, upon pass/fail/whatever selected I am brought back out of the case and to the Settings plan level. Saves clicking/time :wink:

I would have thought that would be normal operation.


Hello Mike,

Thanks for your posting. We usually recommend going through your tests directly on the test run page and using the status dropdown on the right to add results. You can alternatively also navigate to the test page and we recommend doing this in a separate browser tab then (so you can easily switch back and forth between both views as well as simply close the current test page).



Hi Tobias,

I see there is a < and > button option when viewing the test cases inside the test plan page. But I don’t see the drop-down you’re referring to. I see Start progress for any particular test case I happen to be viewing at any given time. When I stop progress I get the dialog box with passed (default) and options to put comments, etc…

What would be nice I guess is if it were configurable where it’d pop you out to top level of the plan where you can select the next case you’re going to run or not and keep you inside the case where you’d use the < and > buttons to navigate back/forth within the cases in the plan. I don’t know if the majority run their tests from top to bottom in that order or randomly test them. I’d wager probably 50/50 on the way folks do their testing (depending on type of test, configuration changes, etc). I just think it’d be nice to have more flexibility in respect to how you move through the test cases.


Hello Mike,

Thanks for your reply. The status dropdowns I referred to are on the test run page (the one with the table of tests) and I meant the the clickable status fields on the right:

Going through the tests on the test run page is usually the fastest way, especially if you want to run the tests in a different order (you can also open tests in additional browser tabs to take a look at all test details).




Ah. I usually have been clicking on the project->test plan->test suite defined to plan->test cases and click on the start/stop buttons for time stuff. Not that we’re utilizing this feature for any definitive purposes at this time. Then once stopped I either pass/fail the test. At that point I’m still in that test case. As I mentioned bouncing out of it here to the upper level with all the cases would be sweet but as I mentioned I can utilize the < and > arrows to move through the cases.

Either way works though, I’m just using the tool for test case execution and looking into some of the reporting options. I need to search on that topic or go the the info area of the site to find an answer to a question on reports.




Thanks for the additional details, Mike! Please also let us know in case any questions come up about the reports. I can also recommend reviewing our related demo/training video:



Our code makes an API call get the run id at the beginning of the test and and an API call at the end of the test to submit the results. Is there an API to start and stop the Start Progress button on each of the testcases that could be invoked?



Hi Shilpa,

Thanks for your posting. The Start Progress feature is a UI-only feature but you can simply include the elapsed times/attribute when submitting your test results (via add_result or add_result_for_case):

I hope this helps!