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Forward Test Case Fields to Test Result Fields


I am using test rail in a way that a project is the bucket container for all actions against a product.
Milestones are used to trace test effort to a jira user story.
Test runs are used to capture the multiple test cycles against a user story.
The Project contains 6 test Suites and inside those the subsections are used to identify the different types of testing against the various sub products of the product.

I currently generate reports using the milestone, or test run summary structures.

This seems to be the easiest way to display only the test cases Pass/Fail targetted by the test run so that a high level view of Targetted testing can be viewed.

One issue I have noticed is that parameters from the Test Case are not forwarded to the Test Result. I believe the Summary documents the Test result parameters only.

Therefore my “How Tested” parameter is not passed on to the test result, but is a field that i would like to see from this report view. (so to indicate that a test has not been run as it is a manual effort rather than automated.)

Is there a method that I can forward these parameters through to the test result? Or get the summary style recognize this inherently from the test case.