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Formatting when push to JIRA is used



If you are familiar with JIRA, you know by know it uses a different markup language than testrail. So when doing a push defect from testrail, the formatting pushed to the new JIRA is not useful. As a user, I have to update the JIRA each time a push defect is done, so that developers can find my reported bug easier to understand.

What has the community done to handle this?
Is there perhaps a custom template you use when creating your test steps? I have consider doing this



I still struggle with this to some extent, but what I’ve found to make the most difference was adding the TestRail plugin to our JIRA. So you need to do the JIRA integration on TestRail, but there is also a plugin you need to add to your JIRA. When you do that, if you put the JIRA story number in the Reference field, when you go to push to JIRA it will make the bug under that main JIRA story. The best part of the plugin is that it will provide a link to the test run execution from the JIRA bug so that the developer can click on it and it will take them to the test run where they can see the test steps, screenshots, etc. As far as having the data pushed from TR appearing in JIRA, I haven’t had much luck with that. If you go to Administration>Integration, you can do some customization in the Defect Plugin text box. I found that really clunky to use and had a hard time resolving TR fields to fields on JIRA. Hope that helps!


James, thanks for the feedback.

I am using the integration and it works well. I ended up finding a work around, however it involves turning off markdown in testrail and using the integration module to auto add formatting when testrail pushes to JIRA.

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Ends up coming over like this