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Formatting not working in some cases


I want to bold the word TEST_WINCOMP_VER so I wrote my test step like this:

The output looks like this though:

It should not be italic and it should not remove the underscores from my database value. Looks like a bug?


Thanks for your posting. Please use the following snippet:

(note the backticks)

This will put the value into a block and also prevents any formatting inside this block.

I hope this helps,


Yeah but it’s not in bold which is no good.


Actually, it is. :slight_smile: The generated HTML for this is:

It uses a monospaced font because of the but it should appear as bold. You can also change the font/style of the generated HTML via a CSS UI script if you like:



It doesn’t look bolded to me, but ok boss.


Thanks for the update. The problem is that it might be difficult to see that the text is bold with the monospaced font, depending on how the web browser renders this. If you are not happy with the result, you can customize the style with a UI script. For example:

[code]name: Change style of markdown code
author: Gurock Software
version: 1.0

div.markdown strong code {
color: black;
font-family: Arial;

You can add this UI script under Administration > Customizations > Add UI Script.

I hope this helps!



Thank you for the excellent support!