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Format steps when exporting to Excel


How do I format test steps correctly when I export a test suite to Excel.

Some of the steps come out with carriage returns, and are legible, some come out as a single very long string. How do I force it come out with carriage returns between each line.


Hello John,

Thanks for your posting! TestRail would format every step of the steps on a separate line (in the same cell). This would look as follows:

1. Step 1
Expected Result:
Expected 1
2. Step 2
Expected Result:
Expected 2

The newline characters you see in some steps indicate that you might have added the newlines (enter) to the steps in TestRail, can you confirm this? The export itself wouldn’t add any extra newlines in addition to the format above. We are also happy to review the Excel behavior if you could email a screenshot to our help desk at