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Forecast & Estimate more detailed on test plans



When creating a test run, the Progress tab gives a nice indication of timespan for the test run by providing the “By Estimate” and “By Forecast” metric.

This is also shown for a test plan, but unfortunately not separated by the test runs inside the test plan.

So e.g. I see that the total By Forecast is at 700h, but I cannot see, which of the test runs do contribute to what degree to this number.

This would be of high interest, so that we can better react to the forecast and adjust the “problematic” test runs.

Currently its like a blind man trying to solve this.


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your posting. You can open the Progress pages for each test run in this case and the list of runs at the bottom of the screen would link to those pages.



ah there is that :slight_smile:


You are welcome, glad to help :slight_smile: