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Forcing date of a test run

Hi. Is there a way to tell TestRail that a test run has been completed on a different date?
Very often, in my cases, some test are made by different people and different teams, then we collect the results and then, maybe one or two days later, we “bulk” insert the results in test runs. But in this way the test date TestRail shows are the “insert” date, not the real ones. I’d like to force the real dates…
Can I do so?

not that I know of - but naively I would question why you bulk them first and not simply add them, when they are available ?

The whole idea of progress is non-existent, when “bulking” results

I collect results from two distributed teams, one internal in my Company, the other external. The external one traces its results into another application (MeisterTask) and I have to get those info then load them in TestRail, but I do so every 24 or 48 hours. So I’d like to insert a test result recording the right date/hour when the test has been made (maybe one or two days before), not the moment I insert the info in TestRail.
The same need arises when I have tests to be made at Customer’s shop, where I cannot use internet (a bank, where the security strictly prohibits any connection outside the local intranet); in this case I record the done tests in the evening or the following early morning, as soon as I can connect to TestRail again (from my office or home) .
A third case is when I have to migrate some test recordings written in other tools (or even in Excel) into TestRail: in these cases I MUST keep the original timestamp, otherwise I have to keep the original records and tools… not easy and not comfortable.