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For Custom Fields, is there a custom field type that allows for d/m/h?


Creating a custom field in TestRail. Upon requesting a custom field type, the options are:

  • Checkbox
  • Date
  • Dropdown
  • Integer
  • Milestone
  • Multi-select
  • Step Results
  • String
  • Text
  • Url
  • User

Interested in using a custom field type (Time Remaining on a test) that accepts days/minutes/hours (d/m/h); would one of these types apply and if so, how?

Conversely, as there are testrail fields for estimate and elapsed, is there a formula or field that displays/stores time remaining? If there isn’t then this custom field would apply.




Thanks for your posting. There’s currently no special custom field type for this and I would recommend using a simple string or maybe integer field for this. The Elapsed/Estimate fields have a different meaning and I would also recommend using a custom field for this instead.

I hope this helps!



I’ll try a simple string for the time remaining field.

Could you elaborate on the ‘Elapsed/Estimate fields have a different meaning…’ comment, specifically what the definition/meaning of those fields is?



Hello Garry,

Thanks for your reply. That may have been a bit confusing. I just meant that the Estimate/Elapsed field store something else than the time remaining. The Estimate is intended to store the total estimate/time it takes to test a test case. The Elapsed field on the Add Test Result dialog stores the actual time it took to execute a test. Both fields are used to implement the progress feature and forecasting and burndown chart for milestones/plans and runs: