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Font size in markdown?


The markdown in test suite section titles doesn’t have good sizing between headings and bolded texts. This may be due to the existing CSS for h1,h2,h3,etc elements… but it makes for a strange appearance.

The following markdown should show the problem:

# H1 text
Normal **Bold**

## H2 text
Normal **Bold**

### H3 text
Normal **Bold**

#### H4 text
Normal **Bold**

##### H5 text
Normal **Bold**

###### H6 text
Normal **Bold**

Is there a way I could upload a screenshot of how it looks on my machine?


Hello Ian,

Thanks for your posting. You can send a screenshot to our help desk at We’ve just reviewed this and the headers are relatively small (this is by design) because they shouldn’t be much larger than the other page elements (e.g. section title/name). You can use additional Markdown elements to structure your texts, e.g.:



I’ve sent the screenshot. The most significant problem shown in the screenshot is that there is very little difference in text size between H3, H4, and normal text. Bolded normal text is about the size of H3.

I understand that making the markdown headings larger would make them larger than the existing text elements on the page. However, that should be up to my choice as a user. If I don’t like the way the bigger text looks, I’m always free to switch from H1/H2/H3 to H4/H5/H6 as appropriate to get the relative sizes I want.

Compare this behavior to the font sizes they use on GitHub - they are unafraid to make the H1 text as big as you should expect it to be.

Or to say it another way, if your markdown offers H1…H6 options, then they should render as H1…H6 (and not normal sized text).


Hi Ian,

I agree that the font sizes of the headings are quite similar and they are just 2px larger of h1 vs TestRail’s normal text. We will look into this and see if we increase this. Please note that you would already be able to adjust this by overriding the CSS via TestRail’s UI scripts if you find this critical.