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Font colour


Hi Tobias - I’ve just installed v2.1 after first removing v1. When I view the log files the text isn’t visible in the viewer - only when I select the line. It looks like the font colour is white (it becomes visible when I change the background), but I can’t find anywhere to change the font colour.

Thanks, Bob Devine


Hello Bob,

Thanks for reporting the problem. This is probably an issue with a function in the Console which calculates the foreground color for a given background color. I uploaded a special SmartInspect Console version which has logging enabled for this particular function.

It would be great if you could test your logs with this Console version and then send us the generated log file via email. The log file will be named ‘colorlog.sil’ and should be created in the directory the SmartInspectConsole-Debug.exe is started from. The modified Console version can be downloaded from:

It would also be great if you could send us one of your log files (or a small excerpt) that has this problem.


Hello Bob,

we were able to solve this problem in the meantime and uploaded a new version which includes the fix. You can download the updated version from our My customer portal.

You can simply install the updated version over your existing installation. Thanks again for reporting the problem.


Forgot to mention that the link above to the special debug Console version is not working anymore. We removed this Console version in the meantime.


Hi Tobias - apologies for the delay in replying. Yes the update fixes the problem - thanks for the quick fix.

Kind regards, Bob