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Finding unassigned tests in a Project's Milestones


A bit of frustration here. Really having a hard time finding the unassigned tests. This should be one of the most basic features so I really think I am missing something here. :sob::scream::frowning2::flushed:

The Todo page shows there are 22 unassigned test. But no matter how I group them every Run shows 0 unassigned. Ugh!

In my current release project with 2 milestones I have 38 Runs across 10 test Plans. I have searched about half of them manually having to go down to the Run level in every Plan and only found 3 so far.

I checked Reports and on those I found that allowed me to filter on Assigned To none list unassigned! Just all the current active users.

I have searched and found a number of threads on this. One that even seems to be the enhancement I want but it is two years old. I find it hard to believe there is not more people wanting this.

So what am I missing?

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OK, this looks like a bug (ver

I finally found the Run with the unassigned tests. This was in a Plan with two Runs. The other Run had been assigned and completed.

Once I found it I tested the Todo page. Sure enough even when I set the Todo filter so it showed every open run in both Milestones this Run was not listed.

Changed filter so only Untested tests were shown. Still the Run did not show up.

So I went and assigned 1 test in the Run and checked. Now it shows up in the Todo and correctly shows the other 18 test unassigned.

Is there an open bug for this? Is it fixed in the latest release?



Hello there!

Tests are only considered as ‘to-dos’ for the Todo tab when a test is actually assigned to a person. Unless a test is assigned to a person, it’s not listed on the Todo tab. You can however easily find unassigned tests for a test run by grouping your tests by the Assigned To column. You can simply click the Assigned To column from your test page and see all unassigned tests at a glance. You would also be able to use the Property Distribution report under the Reports tab and group your tests by Assigned To. The Others column would show tests not assigned to any person.

ToDo no showing any test cases when nothing is assigned