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Find all test cases with no steps?


Is there a way to find all test cases that have no steps?

Our repository has thousands of test cases created over the past few years. Lots of these are stubs where someone created the case but never went back and added any steps.

Our team wants to find all of these to be able to delete them or add steps to them. Is there any way to find these cases?


My suggestion is to write a small script that use the API:

You will get all the test cases and the content of them.

    "created_by": 5,
    "created_on": 1392300984,
    "custom_expected": "..",
    "custom_preconds": "..",
    "custom_steps": "..",
    "custom_steps_separated": [
            "content": "Step 1",
            "expected": "Expected Result 1"
            "content": "Step 2",
            "expected": "Expected Result 2"
    "estimate": "1m 5s",
    "estimate_forecast": null,
    "id": 1,
    "milestone_id": 7,
    "priority_id": 2,
    "refs": "RF-1, RF-2",
    "section_id": 1,
    "suite_id": 1,
    "title": "Change document attributes (author, title, organization)",
    "type_id": 4,
    "updated_by": 1,
    "updated_on": 1393586511

If custom_steps is empty / null ( I don’t know the default value ) delete the test or flag it or write the id (or url) on a file so you can come back to it later.

  • Delete it
  • Flag it
  • Create a file with all url of all test cases

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This is awesome! I’ll work with my team to tweak it to our needs.

Thanks so much!


Just wanted to thank you again! The person in charge of this on our team finally got around to working on this. We had over 1800+ empty test cases, representing over 20% of our total number of tests! :open_mouth:
This is just the first step in us cleaning up our suites, but its gonna go a long way! Thanks a million!


should be part of the UI…