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Filtering with "Match none of the above" and by "No value"


Sometimes when filtering test suites or test runs I want to filter multi-Select fields by cases that don’t match a specific criteria. Currently there’s “Match all of the above” and “Match any of the above” but no “Match none of the above”.

Similarly, I also occasionally want to filter for cases where a specific Multi-Select field doesn’t have a value.

Currently it doesn’t seem like either of these are supported. Are there any easy workarounds and if not, can I request this functionality?



Hello Ansar,

Thanks for your posting. Inverting the filter or searching for empty values is currently not supported by the filters but I’m happy to add this to the feature request list. You can already add your custom field to the case/test tables so that you can see the values directly on the overview pages (just click on the “Columns” button to customize the table columns). You can also click on the column header to sort your cases/tests by your multi-select custom field and this would also allow you to quickly find items with empty values.



+1. Sorting via the headings helps but then you lose the section context of the test case (unless you also add the section column)


I’ve added another vote, thanks Glenn!



Also +1, but I think you had counted my vote already.


This is a supportive plea/request for a variation of this topic in TestRail( v4.2.0.3314). I would like to request that “Match all of the following” be restrictive to be “Match all/only the following”.

When filtering on multi-select fields, there are two options in selecting items from the dropdown, “Match all of the following” and “Match any of the following”.
But I would like to filter for ONLY one of the multi-select items. Can you alter the “Match all of the following” to be, “Match all/only the following”?

My example:
If some test cases have multi-select items of “cat”, “dog” and “bird”, while others have only one of these items (e.g. “bird”). I would like to filter for the occurrence of those test cases containing only the item, “bird” and not those with “bird” and other items.
This would be very, very, very helpful as currently, I am having to weed out those case where “bird” is included, but not the sole item in a multi-select field. I am doing this of course by exposing the column and weeding out those cases with multiple items in the field.
You guys are awesome and very responsive and 4.2 is a greatly welcomed update!
– Tom Costales


Hi Tom!

Thanks for your feedback on this and I added your suggestion to the discussion/feature request. You can already add the column to the tables as you mentioned but I agree that having a dedicated option would make this easier. We will make sure to look into this!



Hi Tobias,
We will be upgrading to 5.0 shortly, but I did not spot this as one of the inclusions in reading the details. This ability to ‘NOT’ filter seems like a glaring necessity. I am using any/all workarounds, but wonder if you have any 5.0 updated workarounds you can point out. Thanks and looking forward to 5.0 regardless! – Tom


Hi Tom,

Thanks for your posting! NOT filters were not added with TR 5.0, but it’s planned to look into this for one of the next versions now that the 5.0 is out.



Hi Tobias and Testrail Team!

Please tell me when you implement the Filtering with “Match none of the above” and by “No value”?


Hi Constantine,

Thanks for your feedback! We currently don’t have an estimate or time frame but it’s still planned to look into this for a future version.



I would like to know where the development is at with this better “Match all of the following” and “Match any of the following” filter.


Hi there,

Thank you for your post. We currently do not have an ETA on when this will be implemented into TestRail. We are still looking into this however.


Cool, well I know my team would appreciate any updates that become available on this. Thank you


Adding another vote to the inverted filter feature. My current need (using v5.4.0.3660) is simply to select tests that have not yet been assigned.


Hi Hector,

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve added your vote to the request as well.




any news on the “no value” filter? My team would really appreciate this feature

kind regards


Hi tgurock

Do we have any update on “Not In” or “Null” Filter Criteria… like I wanted to filter the Test Cases where my team members have not selected any value in a specific field, Currently I have no option.


Hi Fareed,

I’ve added your vote for this feature. Thank you for the feedback!


+1 for our organization, we are desperate for a more advanced ‘Multi Select’ filter.

Our teams are currently wanting the ability to have an layered filter where we can perform filters such as:

  • Match specific tags to create a super-set of tests
  • Exclude specific tags in the super-set to generate specific set of tests required.
  • Allow more than one filter to be applied

Do you have any idea when you might be adding in more advanced filtering to the multi select fields? This ticket has been open for 4 years now?