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Filtering Threads


is there a way to filter the messages of threads in separate views?
I have the main thread and one additional thread and would like to see their messages separately.
There seems to be only a filter for the thread ID, which I would have to adjust every time I run the program because the thread IDs change.
The thread would have to be identified by another criteria.
Thanks for any suggestions.


Hello Holger,

There are two possible ways to accomplish this:

  • You could use a separate SmartInspect session for the second thread and give it a unique name (such as “BackgroundThread”). You can then create a new view in the Console and add a filter for this session name.

  • Alternatively you could use AutoView Rules to automatically let the Console create new views for you. Views that are generated by AutoView Rules are automatically deleted when you restart or clear the Console, so this should also work very well in the described scenario.

I hope this helps. Let me know in case anything is unclear.


Hello Dennis,
thanks for your help, the AutoView Rules do a great job in creating a new view whenever a thread is started. Exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: