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Filtering on TestRuns



When you create a TestRun you can filter based on 'Type’
This is great as I can just select my ‘Regression’ tests from my pile of test cases

So… when I save this TestRun and start to use it…
Will it inherit new TestCases that are just ‘Type - Regression’ ??

The same question goes for Test Plans



Hello Ian,

Thanks for your posting. This is currently not the case and no new test cases are added to test runs when you use a manual filter (you would need to change the selection in case you want to add additional cases to the test run). I’ve added this as a feature request list for now, thank you.



We have just started out with TestRail… and have many test cases to reformat to use in TestRail.

Are you saying I’m better off using sections to separate Regression Tests from Functional etc… ?
if so why have a test Type if we can’t dynamically use it.

What sort of time frame would we be looking at for this feature ?
Can you supply a UI script that performs this action in the mean time ??




Hello Ian,

Thanks for the additional details. I would still recommend using the Type field for specifying the type of the test case (Regression, Functional, etc.). It’s just that when you add new test cases to a test suite and have active test runs with filters and a custom test case selection, that the test cases are not automatically added to those test runs currently. We don’t currently have a concrete time frame to implement this unfortunately.