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Filtering on "any" section + other filters doesn't return expected test cases unless "All groups and tests" selected


As a user, I would like to filter by any folder (including subfolders) for test cases using any other additional filters without having to search or click on individual folders so that I can be confident I am locating all the test cases required.

In Test Suites & Cases, I have plenty of test cases with Status = In Progress in multiple folder locations. If I filter by Status = In Progress and Section = Any, it still only returns the test cases in the folder with the current focus in the folder/tree view (by default this is the top folder), unless I have selected “All groups and tests” in the folder/tree view options.


I wouldn’t assume the tree view would affect the filtering as the two seem separate. (“Sections” and “Groups” are the same thing, right?)

Maybe not a bug, but I did find this a bit confusing. Improvement? I’m using the cloud version, btw.


Hi Marci,

Thanks for your post! This functionality is by design, as the tree view would supercede the filter in the main pane in this scenario. The filter would just be used to apply additional filters to what’s visible based on the tree view section selection. If you wanted to apply the filter to the full test suite, then you would just need to set the tree view filter to ‘All’ in order for this to be taken into effect. That said, we’re also happy to review this functionality for a future update as well. Hope this helps!