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Filtering in Test Runs removes section/subsection structure


Is there a way to filter in a test run, while maintaining the test structure/hierarchy/subgroups?

When I apply a filter the entire Test Run is flattened, and unless I recognize a test, I can’t be sure what section of my overall test plan a given test case belongs to… It makes the filters rather useless in my view.

Would it not make more sense to have the filter options appear over/on a given column name (similar to Excel for example) and leave the structure the same? Or have an option for this?


Hello Kevin,

Thanks for your posting! The filters don’t actually change the structure and the section hierarchy is still displayed. It’s just that TestRail wouldn’t show any empty sections (without cases or sub-sections) to make it easier to analyze the filter result. TestRail will only display the cases in a different way if you changed the grouping/sort options (Sort: … in the toolbar above the case list).



Ah… I did not realize that clicking on a column caused a “sort” since it then allows you to “filter” via the right hand side panel. Thanks.

Might be a useful improvement to allow for filtering or sorting when clicking on a column title.

Either way, I now understand how to filter. Thanks.


Actually, this does not solve my problem.

When you use the sort option you can then filter to “unassigned”. When using the filter option, “unassigned” is not one of the choices under “Assigned to”.

How can I filter to “unassigned” while keeping my test case structure intact?


Hello Kevin,

Thanks for the update! Unassigned is a special case but you can also use the Sort option in this case and add the Section column to your tests table (via the Columns button). This will group your tests by the Assigned To attribute but you can still see the section hierarchy as a table column.



Can you please add Unassigned to the list? It isn’t a special case at all. All test cases begin unassigned.

Your suggestion is a very awkward workaround.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, I’m happy to add this to our feature request list, thanks again for your feedback on this!



Any update on this? Our QA team would like to be able to filter by unassigned test cases as well.


Hello Alex,

Thanks for your posting! We currently don’t have an update but you can simply click on the Assigned To column to see all unassigned tests (and can then use the checkboxes and Assign To button to assign tests as needed).



Still no update? If you sort by assigned to to you lose your entire structure which makes that approach useless for any large project with more than 1 person involved.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your posting. You can quickly go back to the original grouping by clicking the X icon. The solution mentioned above was for quickly assigning all unassigned tests and the workflow would be:

  • Group tests by Assigned To (by clicking on the column header)
  • Opening or scrolling to the Unassigned group
  • Assigning tests with the bulk-assign feature
  • Resetting the grouping to the default by clicking the red X



No… that doesn’t work. Like I (and avoskoboynik) said previously, we need the repository structure to remain intact for the filtering unassigned test cases to be of use.


Thanks for the update, Kevin. The workflow would be ideal for assigning yet unassigned tests but I understand that an additional unassigned filter would be great to have as well. It’s still planned to look into and thanks again for your feedback!



Hi, I’m evaluating TestRail at the moment and not being able to filter by unassigned is almost a deal-breaker, this is basic functionality. According to the workaround above I may need to click the checkbox for hundreds of unassigned test cases to assign them out, manually having to check the Section for each and every one. I’m looking for a test tool to reduce my admin, not increase it.


Looks fairly flexible using sort and filter combinations to narrow down those to be bulk or individually assigned by section


I wonder, if grouping and sorting are weirdly commingled in Testrail. I just needed to split a monthly recurring section into four now weekly sections. I wanted to do so by ordering them by ID first, so I can easily map the existing exported results of the full monthly run to the then quartered weekly sections. It seems however that there is no way to move cases that got “sorted” other than by section (again, this is actually grouping) or filtered to a section.

Tl;dr: Why is grouping, filtering and sorting not independently possible?!


Hi Philip,

Thanks for your reply! In this case, you would be able to use the bulk edit feature to update the section that these test cases belong to after performing your sort & filter. You can filter just your section via the filter feature on the left pane, and then from there sort by ID. You can then select the cases that you want to move via the checkbox to the left, and then click ‘Edit Selected’. This will allow you to update the ‘Section’ field to move these in bulk to their new weekly section that you’ve created. So you can split your section into quarters this way. Hope this helps!