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Filtering cases using API


Hi ,
I have a doubt, I like to use the testrail API and get the results of the RUN in a filtered way say I have a filter section owner AA and BB and the test run xxxx. so after the test run got over I have to retrieve the results of the owner BB. how do I implement it using API can someone please help me…


Hello Deepak,

Thank you for the post! It is not currently possible to filter test results that are retrieved via the API based on the ‘Assigned To’ field. We are happy to review adding support for this in a future update. In the meantime, we would recommend retrieving the results for all tests in the test run via the get_results_for_run API method and then post processing this data as needed to filter the results based on the appropriate field.

I hope this helps!



hey Callahan,
I tried the API and I got all the result of the tests can I get the overall result for a run like the consolidated result of the run.
No. of cases passed, failed, pass percentage ?.. It would be more helpful if you point out the API.