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Filtering a predetermined (tree) set of test cases by another filter


I’ve done some preliminary searching and I couldn’t find a topic on the issue I’m having; forgive me if its already been posted and answered:

When creating a test run, I select my cases on the left tree pane individually, I then want to filter that selection to only test cases in an approved state. I go to the right pane and select status>approved and set filter, but this destroys my previously individually selected cases in the left pane and gives me all cases from all sections in the approved status. Is there some way I can manage this?


Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for posting! Yes - it is possible to filter out test cases from your list of individually selected cases using the selection filter on the right side of the dialog. Once you have selected your test cases from the selection tree on the left, you would just need to select all of the status values for the cases that you want to exclude from the test run (all status values other than ‘approved’ in this case) and then click the set selection drop down arrow followed by remove from selection.

I hope this helps!