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Filter option across Test Configurations


We are creating test runs for different configurations, such as browser and OS. Within in, we assign the runs to specific users.
From the main Test Plan page, is there a way to filter across all runs / configurations and show only issues assigned to a particular assignee (or any other custom field)?


Hi Bridy,

Thank you for posting! It is not currently possible to filter the test plans to show only runs / tests based on the assignee from the test plan overview page. That said, if a user wants to quickly view only the tests that are assigned to them, we would recommend using the Todo tab. This tab lists the test runs that contain tests assigned to a specific user. The test runs listed on this tab can be grouped by Test Plan (as well as by milestone, day, and month created) so that users are sure to open the appropriate run. Users can also specify the tests they would like to view based on the status by selecting the various status options in the right sidebar.

I hope this helps!



Thank you! We’ll give the ToDo tab a try.