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Fill custom select field with new values


I’ve got a problem with updating the custom select field. When I create custom select I must add some options. In my case, I want to delete these options, and then add new ones when adding the result window is loaded.

I’ve done this, but here is a problem - when I try to press submit button, received an error: Field [field_name] is an invalid option (available options 0).

How can I turn off this validation? Or maybe there are special steps to upgrade the field?

Variant with adding values to fields hardcoded options is not suitable, because this option will change a lot during work.

Thank you

I want to understand what you are trying to do…

You have a Custom result field that shows up in this spot in the Administration --> Customization:

And for one of these fields - you want to change the options in the field? And I am going to assume you are on the Cloud version of Test Rail as well…

What I think you are trying to do is not what is usually done. Generally the options for a custom field stay the same and the user chooses the one needed. These so not change over time - they are designed to be pretty static.

If on the Cloud - no - you can’t turn off the validation.
EDIT - the validation can’t be turned off in the server or cloud version.

If my assumptions are correct and what I think you are doing is not supported.

Yes, you are correct. So, this is sad. I will look for another way.

Thank you for your answer.