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File protocol - multiple archive files


we’re currently evaluating SmartInspect and there’s something we miss compared to functionality in CodeSite. There we had the possibility to specify not only a MaxSize for the log files but also a MaxCount which specifies the number of log archives to keep. The reason why this is handy for us (compared to just a bigger archive) is that smaller files are easier to handle (e.g. send by e-mail) and it’s often possible to pick the right one by the file date. Another reason was a performance penalty when the MaxSize was pretty large and the file had to be archived (and a previous one needed to be deleted). Smaller file sizes make this roll over perform much better.

Did you ever get this request before? Is this even possible today and I just couldn’t find the right attribute in the file protocol? Is that something you would anticipate for a future release?

Best regards


Hello Uwe,

SmartInspect currently does not offer a MaxCount file option. We did indeed get this feature request before and it’s already on our feature request list. We are sure we will add this feature in the future.

A workaround to using the MaxSize option would be to use the time-related log rotate functionality of the file protocol. With the file “rotate” option, you can specify that a new log file should be created for each hour, day, week or month. This option comes in very handy as well, especially when combined with a background thread which removes old log files. The code for the background thread is not directly included in the SmartInspect library, but can be found in this forum:

Please let me know if you have any further questions.