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Fields dependent on other fields


Is there a way to make a field dependent on another field?

For example I have a main user story case that is constantly maintained for automation. If a new test case is added that will have an impact on the user I have a check box field, if it is checked I want a string field to be enabled and become mandatory so the user can enter the CaseID for the affected user story.

Is this possible now or something that can be added as a feature request?



Thanks for your post! This wouldn’t be possible with the current built-in custom field options that are available. You can attempt to accomplish this via some type of UI script, however we don’t have any examples to provide for this type of functionality, and this would likely be difficult to create/maintain. You can learn more about UI scripts in general on our website here:

We’re also happy to review this functionality for a future update to TestRail. Hope this helps!