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Few bits of feedback from a new trial user

#1 - The calendar control has an auto complete drop down that blocks the calendar control so you have to click on the calendar background to hide the auto complete ddl before you can select portions of the calendar like the next month. Pretty annoying when you are trying to add a bunch of sprints.

#2. Adding sprints to a PI is tedious and requires a ton of clicks. This should be streamlined. One idea on top of reducing the navigations and clicks is auto create 1-n future sprints based on the starting date and the default sprint range (1 week, 2 weeks, etc).

#3. When you’re creating the forum account and you attempt to highlight your password via mouse drag (right to left), the dialog closes on you if the mouse leaves the password control (which it normally does) or perhaps its the dialog. Minor annoyance.

Using latest version of chrome.