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Fetch untested test results from a test run using APIs


I’m trying to fetch all the “untested” tests from a test run, I don’t find any API which is fetching all the untested tests from a test run. Is there a way to fetch this information using testrail APIs?

How to find test case that have never been executed?

there is! get the test run results api, then the ‘test’ status will have a number - that number tells you what status the test is in!

here is some code (python) i use to do exactly what you’re saying:

    def get_tests_in_run_by_status(self, runId, status):
        test_names = []
        request = str.format('get_tests/{}', runId)
        tests = self.client.send_get(request)
        for test in tests:
            if test['status_id'] == status:

    return test_names

untested = status 3


Hi @bschwen, thanks for the prompt response. I tried this approach as well, after I get the case_id, when I make a get_results_for_case API call with the run_id and case_id, it returns an empty list.
Seems like Untested (status_id == 3) tests are not being filtered internally and not included in the response to the client.


Hi @vmware_velocloud,

You are correct that the ‘get_results’ methods will not include any tests which are untested (status_id: 3). Any tests which are ‘untested’ will not have any results added to them and therefore would not be included in the results requests.

Instead, you can use the ‘get_tests’ method with a ‘status_id=3’ filter applied to retrieve the untested tests in a run.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks @jon.reynolds. Makes sense.

FYI - Few of our users posted test results without changing status_id and only adding an assignee to the test, which populated a test result for ‘Untested’ tests as well which caused a confusion for me. All is clarified now, thanks!

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