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Feedback - UX/Workflow for entering test results


Hello all,

I find the Testrail UX (5.0) for entering test results pretty unhelpful to me as a tester.

When I’m testing I incrementally work through the test steps, making notes of results and aspects explored as I go. I want these to be saved as I go - automatically would be best, but manual would be OK.

I use Testrail as the place to make notes, because that’s the tool, and it has all the context - I don’t want to make notes in a completely separate place.

While I’m testing I also want to see the notes about the testcase which describe things to remember, aspects to test besides the detailed steps, etc.

Instead, Testrail currently treats entering a test result as a major milestone, which is typed up somewhere else and then committed to the system. It doesn’t support an incremental testing process, and it hides the notes from the test case under a dialog.

You can save and then re-edit test results, but that’s a clumsy process compared to what I’m thinking of.

tl;dr: testrail doesn’t offer anything to support the actual testing process, only storing results.


Hello Aaron,

Thanks for your feedback! TestRail 5.1 makes this use case much easier with the inline-comment feature:

This was specifically designed to take notes during testing without adding full results. You could add comments previously as well (with Add Comment) but the new inline-comment box makes this much faster. There’s also a new shortcut to activate the comment field (Ctrl+m).

The inline-comment box is part of larger UI update which we call TestRail FastTrack and which is our biggest UI productivity update since changing the UI with 4.0. You can learn more about TestRail FastTrack/the 5.1 on our blog:



Hm that sounds potentially quite helpful, I’ll see how it goes when we get 5.1.
I still think it’s slightly different from actually entering test results incrementally, but it might be an OK substitute.


Hello Aaron,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, there’s still a difference but the feedback from the 5.1 so far is really really positive. It improves the general workflow a lot and makes going through your tests/adding comments etc. much faster. We are happy to look into additional enhancements in this area and incremental support for steps.