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Feedback loop between estimates in test cases and results



I was wondering whether there is a kind of feedback loop for the following scenario.

A test case is created and an estimate is given - lets say 5m

Now this test case is executed in several test runs and the actual elapsed time is around 20m.

So clearly, the estimate in the test case is way off.

Is there a kind of notification, or anything that will mark this as a discrepancy ?




Thanks for your posting. TestRail automatically keeps track of elapsed values over time and calculates a “forecast” value per case (taking into account the original estimate as well as elapsed values). This forecast automatically gets more accurate over time as you add more elapsed values and it’s not needed to update the original estimate for the forecast or progress statistics. You can view the forecast value per test case by adding the Forecast column to the case tables.

I hope this helps!



thanks for the answer - it does help indeed. As long as the forecast is taking it into account, I’m fine


Great to hear that :slightly_smiling: