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Feautre Request: Adding Notes Capability to Review Test Cases


I’ve seen a couple of subjects about the review process in TestRail, I believe it can be tailored with the use of custom fields (Status: New, Ready to Review, Reviewed, Completed, etc.) and Roles. But something that I believe it could be useful are “notes” to strenghten this process.
I use TestRail both professionally and with my students and I believe that having notes to document/suggest changes/improvements could be awesome.


Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your posting. We would also recommend implementing this with custom fields on the test case level, e.g. a Status field as you mentioned. You can also add an additional text field called Notes or similar to track additional information.



I can certainly do that, Thanks!


Thanks, Sebastian, sounds good! Please let me know in case any questions come up, happy to help.