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FeatureRq/bug - Custom Fields not exporting to xls (or other formats)


I have added a required custom field (SessionID) which is filled in for each test result. We would like to export the results of a completed test run to include this field which can then be attached to its relevant ticket for signoff.

Is there a manner this can be achieved currently in the system?



Thanks for your posting. Test result custom fields are currently only included in the XML exports (but not in CSV/Excel exports). One reason for this is that there can be multiple test results per test and Excel doesn’t support a hierarchical layout very well. I would recommend using a link back to TestRail in the ticket description instead, for example.



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your reply. The problem here is that we would then need to have all our developers with test rail accounts so that they could login and view the test results which is outside of our budget.

Being able to export as CSV with the entire content of the field between text qualifiers would solve this issue for us at least.