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Feature: Show Todo with estimated time


The Todo tab is a great tool, however it would be more useful for us for it to be able to evaluate based upon estimated time for test cases. This would allow us to more evenly distribute/redistribute workload.



Hi Dave,

Thanks for your posting. The Todo page shows the assignments/number of assigned tests but the Users > Workload Summary report (from the Reports tab) also includes the estimates/forecasts:

The Todo page and Workload Summary report are often used in combination to determine the current workload and based on this distribute the load across the team.



Hi Tobias,

I agree with Dave here, it would be nice to have the est/forecast lines shown on the ToDo list graph.
It would save time as I wouldn’t have to run a report every few minutes as I’m moving tests around to see how people’s time balance is looking, and save having another tab open to switch between.