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Feature requests - Enhancing the editing of test cases

Hi there,

My team and I have been using TestRail for over a year, and while we are really enjoying the tool, we have found a couple of blockers / hindrances when it comes to using it which, if improved, could massively increase our efficiency. Just wondering if the following are in the pipeline for a future update, as we think they would prove very useful!

  • ‘Inline’ editing for test cases:
    Occasionally we have a list of tests that need changing to some extent. To achieve this we have to go to the ‘edit’ page for the test case, make our changes, then go back to the list. To go back, we have to use the breadcrumb, which loses our place in the list - we occasionally have over ~100 test cases on the page, so if we’re editing a test near the bottom, navigating back to the page after editing always takes us to the top, which is frustrating. Perhaps this could be solved by ‘inline’ editing? When we are previewing a test case in the right hand panel, it would be so useful (and so much faster) to edit the test case immediately within the panel, without having to go to the ‘edit’ page and back again.

  • Bulk append for test cases:
    Sometimes we need to add a precondition in bulk - say a new step has been added to the process flow of our application, and we need to add an extra precondition to all related test cases. For some of those test cases, the existing preconditions might be slightly different depending on the test, but the new precondition might affect all of them. To achieve the desired result, we have to edit each test individually. It would be very helpful if we could bulk update and ‘append’ a value to a field, rather than the current functionality of bulk update and ‘overwrite’ all existing values in the field. The overwrite makes the bulk update unusable for us a lot of the time.

We hope these suggestions would be useful for others in the community too! Hopefully they make it into a future release. If they are already in the tool to an extent and we are missing them, or there is a workaround, we’d be happy to hear.

Many thanks,

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inline editing would be a massive benefit to us. I’d like to add a vote for that.

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Hey there,

Thanks for the post and the feedback! For inline editing, this is currently in active development for an upcoming release. I can’t currently give any estimate on when that will be available or what the implementation will look like when it arrives, but that is something we are actively working on.

Regarding the bulk append, that is a fantastic idea, and I’ve added an internal request to have the dev team explore adding that in a future release. Again, I can’t guarantee that it will be included anytime soon, but definitely something we’ll look into.

Thanks again for the feedback, and don’t hesitate to get back to us with any other thoughts or ideas. Your ideas and feature requests are taken into heavy consideration when we are working on new features and improvements.

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Perfect. Thanks very much! Looking forward to having these features in the tool at some point.