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Feature Requests - Autolink title, ID in search results



I hope you don’t get too discouraged by people flooding you with Feature Requests here. :slight_smile: Anyway, here are a couple I would find useful…

  1. Context for auto-linked items
    When referencing cases, suites, etc using the markup autolinker (e.g. [C123], [S49]), the resulting link is shown as the letter code and ID. The title of the item would be useful for context purposes. There are different ways this could be achieved, I’ll leave it to you to decide what’s best. If I may offer a couple of suggestion, the obvious one would be to make the link text include the entire title (“C123” becomes “C123: Print a Report”) or if this could potentially lead to too much space taken, perhaps implement the solution the same way Bugzilla does it, i.e. the link text is just the ID code as it is now, but you can see other info like the summary and bug status via the tooltip when mousing over the link (screenshot of what I mean: This makes it possible to have long lists of IDs that don’t take much space but can still be browsed for info without opening each one individually.

  2. IDs in search results
    This is kinda the inverse problem from the one above :). When performing a search, the results are given by their title, without any other info. The IDs would be very useful to include as well, both for visual ordering and context and to make it possible to convert the search results into a list of IDs for the user’s reporting needs.



Hello Costa,

We definitely appreciate the feedback, so please keep it coming. :slight_smile:

  1. Context for auto-linked items
    We are already thinking about (and have already designed) a small enhancement for a future version that would allow you to see test & test case details when you hover your mouse cursor over a test/case ID. We have been mainly considering this for overview pages / grids so that you could easily look up test details from a run overview page etc. Supporting this also for the auto-links in text fields would be a good idea, although we have only been planning to add this for case/test IDs for now. We might support this for other entities as well and it’s likely that we would implement this as a hint similar to the screenshot you posted.

  2. IDs in search results
    True, there’s no reason not to show the IDs on the search page. I’ve added it to our feature request list and I’m sure we will add this at some point.

Thanks! :slight_smile: