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Feature request



I use SmartView quite often to see the progress of simulations which are running over several days. Therefore I do not need all the functunality of the complete console.

What I would like to have is a very small footprint console, running under the DOS prompt (if it could be compiled to be used under Linux, it would be even better) which simply shows the logged messages - like an error console under Linux does.

I think this would really be a very usefull addition to SmartInspect



Hello Rainer,

we are currently working on a new protocol which can store the logging information in a plain text file. This protocol is basically intended for end-user notification purposes but can also be used in cases like yours. With the usage of “tail -f”, like you suggested in the other posting, it would be a good solution for live viewing on a Linux console. What do you think?

To simulate this behavior in the meantime, you can register event listeners to the SmartInspect class and output some messages yourself, e.g. with System.out.println. Please see the documentation of the SmartInspect.addLogEntryListener method for details (I assume you are using the Java library, please correct me if I’m wrong).


Yes, I think that would work - If there would be an option to save the structure via indention (e.g. between “enter method” and “leave method” indented), it would work perfectly.
Do you have any ideas when you plan the release?

No, I am not using Java (luckily-:)) - I am using Delphi, but the principal would be the same.

I guess the TCP protocoll and packet structure will stay the same - So I am thinking about writing a small commandline viewer which is doing exactly this - I would compile it for Linux and Windows - but I won’t have time for this before the end of the year.

Thanks a lot for your help,



Hello Rainer,

good to hear that the text protocol would work. Indentation is currently not integrated, but this is a good idea and we think about adding an option for it.

For the TCP server I suggest having a look at our Receiver example server which is written in Delphi. It’s a simple service which receives log packets via TCP and writes them into log files. You can download the source in our download section and see the related article in our article section.


Forgot to answer the release date question. We currently can’t give a release date, it’s a bit too early for this, but we hope to release it this year.


Thanks for your answers
I downloaded the receiver but I can’t compile it as idContext.pas is missing.



The Indy suite is needed to compile the Receiver. The Receiver is written against a pre-10 version of Indy, so I’m not sure if it compiles seamlessly with Indy 10 (included with BDS 2006), but I will look into it tomorrow. The Indy team unfortunately changes the API quite frequently.


There were indeed some changes necessary to compile it with Indy 10. I made these changes and updated the ZIP file in our download section. It now compiles seamlessy with BDS 2006 if Indy 10 was selected in the BDS setup. Older Delphi/BDS versions should also work as long as Indy 10 is installed. If you do not have Indy 10 yet, you can download it here:


I am using Delphi 7

I just downl;oaded Indy 10.1.5 and 10.0.75 - which one should I install to be able to compile the example?



The 10.1.5 release is included in BDS 2006 (the version I tested the Receiver with), so I recommend trying this version.


Thanks - I’ll try it out and let you know