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Feature request - Working with Mind maps


Mind Maps are widely used today for test planning in the Agile world. They allow a free mind exploration of new feature while keeping track of testing paths in a convenient and logical graphical presentation.
I think it would be very nice if TR had the capability of either create a mind map in-app and then transform it to a test case listing or import an existing mind map created in another app.



Hi Assaf,

Thanks for your posting and suggestion! That’s an interesting feature request and I can see how this would be useful to have. It might already be possible to use another mind mapping tool for this and then export & import the resulting cases/items into TestRail. For example, you could look into using TestRail’s (very flexible) CSV import in this case:




we use mind maps as well and quite widely… what we have done is that we included mind-maps pictures into test suite description so tester have better idea of the feature and scope he is in.

Never tough about export to csv and then importing to testrail…

Anyway i support this idea to have some kind internal tab for mind-maps in TR smile: )


Added your vote to the list, thanks for your feedback, Viljam! :slight_smile:



Hi Tobias,
would like to bump this topic again. Was at EUROSTAR software testing conference last week & the testing world is really going much into exploratory testing based on mind maps.
Sure I can import them from somewhere else into Test Rail, but either I have them as list then, and loose the idea of mindmaps, or as graphic (as we do it), but loose the then great flexibility and ability to test fast, adapt fast, that makes Test Rail so good.
With an increasing amount of exploratory tests besides automated tests it might be hard to stick to a testing application that doesn’t offer it. Of course it offers a lot other good things (documentation of results, repository, organized in suites…), but I’ve already heard of companies who moved completely to mindmaps-only.

To combine both to it’s best it would be awesome to have some interactive mind maps in testrail.

Below a draft how this could look like. Yes, as involved into software creation myself, the outlined feature below is a big request, might also partly break with some concepts. But at least a draft & one my dream :wink:

Key features of the proposal:

  • Mind map editor in TestRail testcase editor (even in a basic version it would be a great start)
  • Execution: Ability to check off items that have been tested this time with a rough result (involved into issues / OK)
  • Execution: Ability to filter for last n test runs results (history), and indicate that as fill-color of the mind-map items
  • Execution: Ability to pin comments for later improvements of the mind-map (OK testrail offers you almost on the fly-editing, so maybe not that important, but good in collaboration, if a test is executed by not-the-creator).

Happy to see other proposals, and would be very happy if at least the first “key feature” would make it into testrail.

Best regards,


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your feedback, looks great! This is something we would like to look into at some point in more detail and we also see the potential of using mind maps for testing. As you mentioned, this is not a simple feature and would also require planning/time to implement but we are happy to look into this again long term for a future version.



Hi Tobias,

Has there been any progress on this feature. It would be helpful to know if you are going to progress or not. It’s been 11 months so I assume this will never happen but it would be good to get a definitive answer.


Hi Neil,

Thanks for your feedback! We still have plans to review this, however we don’t have any specific timeframe to provide for this yet. This is still in the very early research/planning phase. I’ve added your vote and feedback to the feature request, and we’re still happy to review this for a future update!



Mind maps are really useful for test experts. I also vote for this!