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Feature Request: When you search on a test cases can you add functionality to allow add to test run


When I search on a test case it would be nice to have functionality to allow me to add this test case to a TestRun. for e.g a dropdow with a list of Testruns and you can then select the test run.


Hello Anthony,

Thanks for your posting! You can also filter and search for cases on the Select Cases dialog when you configure the case selection for a run or plan and this would be the same filters you can use on the Test Cases repository page, for example.



If possible , what I would like is?

  1. In the search bar, type in the test case number.
  2. the test case is presented.
  3. then have a button to “add test case to test run” and this will contain a dropdown of all the test runs.
  4. You can then select a test run(s) to add the test to.


Hello Anthony,

This is not directly possible currently but we are happy to look into this. You have full control over the case selection (including filters/searching etc.) via the Select Cases dialog and it’s also planned to add an ID filter. Your approach or suggestion of making it easier to filter/search + add to runs (I guess from the Test Cases page) is interesting and we will definitely review this. Thanks again for the suggestion!