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Feature request: When creating TestRun allow to choose All Test Suites


We stumbled on the problem in our installation, we used in the same project different test suites, now when we wanted to create regression test run we found out that you can’t select top level of test cases, you need to actually select one of the test suites. That is not very practical as we want to create regression run that will have test cases from all the suites. Is it something that you guys will be adding in the future or can add to the list of features? Thanks



Thanks for your posting. To add test runs for multiple test suites, you can use test plans:

We also recommend using just a few, larger test suites instead of many, smaller test suites and this makes it easier to create test runs that cover a large percentage of your test cases. It can even make sense to use a single test suite per project and this approach is used by quite a few customers. TestRail has been designed to support large test suites and can handle test suites with hundreds/thousands of test cases.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!



I have the same problem. May you show how to solve this problem with js. For our team it looks easier to use a number of suits, with hundreds of test cases. But for test manager it’s a problem to create test run based on a hundred test suites.
I want to create a test run on one button click: choose project -> choose “Test Runs & Results”-> click on magic button= all test suite add to run -> choose tester from the list and assign him to all the suits.


Hello met,

Thanks for your feedback on this. We recommend using just a few test suites as mentioned before in this thread but you can also add a combined test plan that covers all test suites: