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Feature Request Watches and Report/Printing



I’m using SmartInspect since a couple of weeks and I’m very satisfied.
Some features I’m missing.

  1. During printing or export only the titles of the lines will displayed not the other columns. It would be very helpful for documentation when all columns are exported or printed.
    And by the way it would be very nice if the printing keeps the collapsing of entries (at the moment during printing and exporting all entries are automatically expand)

  2. I will use the log file to inspect the timing of the application. It is possible but the smallest unit is seconds. It would be very helpful if the smallest unit is microsecond respectively I can zoom in manually. The second very helpfully thing would be the display of boolean values as an rectangle graph. At the moment I use integer instead of boolean but the result looks not very good to inspect boolean values.


Hi Stephan,

Thanks for the suggestions. I know that the printing and exporting features could be improved and we will consider it for a future update. It’s a request that comes regularly but so far other things have been more important.

You can configure the time and date format in the SmartInspect options (Tools menu > Options, then the Time Format tab). For example, to include seconds and micro seconds, you can specify the following format. Please also take a look at the online help topic ‘Working with SmartInspect | High-Resolution Timestamps’ to learn how to generate more accurate timestamps in your logs.

About the boolean values: do you mean in the Watches toolbox, in the log entry list or in the Graph toolbox? Thanks.


Oh sorry for the missunderstanding.
I mean for the second point (smallest time unit and inspect boolean values) the watches graphs.


Thanks for the clarification, Stephan. I added your suggestions to our feature request list. Both changes/features unfortunately would require a lot of work, so if we decide to implement this, it would probably require quite a bit of time.

Have a nice weekend!