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Feature Request: Voting mechanism for feature requests


I’m new to the Test Rail community but it’s a wonderful service and I have used it at various organizations over the years. One thing I’ve noticed when browsing the forums is there are many threads for additional features which have been open, in some cases, for several years, but there is no visibility on the status of these requests. I think it would be a great boon to the community to have a single place on the website or forums where a (logged in) user can go and +1 a particular feature request, so there is greater visibility to the community on what is wanted and greater visibility for the Gurock team on what the community values as you’re planning features for upcoming versions.

Many SaaS organizations have something similar, such as Atlassian. It doesn’t have to be complex; simply the title of a Feature Request, with a link back to the discussion thread if there is one, a +/- button, and a vote tally.

Maybe I’m crazy? :slight_smile:



Thanks for your feedback. We currently track tickets internally (via Asana) and this forum is one way of collecting feature requests and suggestions. If you sort the threads in this forum by the number of views and replies, you also already get a good overview of the most frequently asked feature requests, technical questions as well as suggestions etc. Our issue and feature request tracker is not publicly available at this point but this may change in the future, thanks for the suggestion!



+1 my vote for Voting System :+1:


+1 vote for this as well.


+1 my vote for Voting System


+1 my vote for Voting System and Public Issues.


I have gone ahead and added your vote for this. :slight_smile: